Going up to your floor, you see a magnificent wide corridor that accompanies you to the entrance of the apartment. The floor of the corridor ակը staircase is tiled with specially selected granite stone. No, this is not the press granite you imagine, but the real natural stone that should serve our residents for many years.

The entrance door of the apartments is iron, furnished with high quality oak wood. It will have the color of a mahogany tree to make the floor look rich and harmonious. We install doors that even the most capricious and conscientious resident will lose the desire to change.

The apartments are equipped with two-layer walls made of natural perlite ore and other mixtures, which provide thermal and sound insulation in accordance with modern standards. We have repeatedly mentioned the ambition of the complex to be people-centered, so the inner peace and comfort of your apartments is one of our priorities.

That is why we furnish your apartments with high-quality aluminum windows produced by the world-famous SCHUCO company. People familiar with the SCHUCO brand are well aware of the quality and longevity of the products offered by the company. These windows meet the highest standards in the world. They are ecologically stable “light”, have special protection from UV rays, heat absorption, heat and sound insulation. Furnished apartments with these windows provide significant financial savings to our residents in terms of heating costs. By the way, all 408 apartments, three of which are penthouse apartments located on the top floors of each building, have perimeter windows.

You can also contact our office staff to use the following services:

  • Interior design by our partner ZAART ARCHITECTS.
  • Interior decoration service
  • Apartment furnishing service
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